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  • Grizzly Oki Kebari - 3 Pack
    • Grizzly Oki Kebari - 3 Pack

    Grizzly Oki Kebari - 3 Pack


    The Grizzly Hackle Oki Kebari - 3 Pack

    Specs: Pack of 3

     When to fish it: Kebari style flies can be fished at any time.  This makes a fantastic fly for fishing subsurface, and is especially useful during the Summer months.  We have found that this fly works really well in the evening.  The dark body and light hackle give it a really distinct action in the water.

    How to fish it: The Grizzly Hackle Oki Kebari is primarily fished as a wetfly.  So you are fishing this pattern under the water.  Depending on the speed of the current and how you are casting will determine how deep this fly will go.  So just play around with it in different situations to find out where it is the most deadly for you!

    Fishing Story: It was evening time and the fishing had been just okay all day long.  Right before sunset I started noticing more bugs feeding on the surface and just barely slurping down emerging caddis.  I tied this fly on and casted it straight up in front of me to the left of a boulder, immediately a fish gulped it down.  I then proceed to work the seams in and around rocks and on the edge for the remaining hour of light.  Hook up after hook up this fly did the job.  It will work really well in a lot of scenarios.