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    • Pink and White Kebari - 3 Flies
    • Pink and White Kebari - 3 Flies

    Pink and White Kebari - 3 Flies


    We like to call it "the princess".  A dainty little pink and white fly for when those fish are too snobby to turn their heads for anything but pure beauty.  This fly is fished really well under the water in clear water conditions.  

    Application: We were fishing a river at very low water conditions.  About 15 feet to my 11 oclock there are 2 big brown trout just hanging out barely beneath the surface.  I float some adult bug patterns over the top of one of them and he doesn't even flinch.  After several attempts I knew the Princess had to come out.  Keeping the rod vertical and the line off the water the pink and white kebari drifted about a foot under the water.  I could see it get that browns attention, he casually swam a little to the right for an irrestible snack and I set the hook.  A nice 18 inch brown trout falls victim to her majesty.


    -Pack of 3 flies

    -Pink body, white hackle, pink CDC

    -Size 14