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    • Pink Oki Kebari - 3 Flies
    • Pink Oki Kebari - 3 Flies

    Pink Oki Kebari - 3 Flies


    This is our Pink Grizzly Oki Kebari.  It has dark pink hackle with a peacock body and dark accents.  We have found this to be an excellent fly for faster water situations, and works particularly well being being twitched.  It comes in size 12 in a pack of 3.

    Application: I was fishing a little section of the Boise river in town.  Anyone who has ever fished the Boise river in town knows that it can be okay, more okay, or less okay.  This was one of those less okay days.  I couldn't really see any signs of fish but I knew they were in this particular little riffle.  After dead drifting some flies through with no results I decided to put the Pink Oki Kebari on and do some twitching.  On the first cast I put it right through the middle of the riffle and twitched the end of my rod, I could imagine the hackle opening and closing as it drifted through the riffle and almost immediately coaxed the fish to take the fly and was able to land the first, second, third, etc. fish of the day.  This fly has a thick body and catches the eyes of fish and you are sure to have some luck with it.


    - Pack of 3 flies

    - Pink hackle, peacock body

    - Size 12