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    Tacky Fly Box x 24 Tenkara Rod Co. Flies


    We have teamed up with Tacky Fly Fishing to offer their game changing fly box along with an assortment of 24 Tenkara kebari flies.  This box has a silicone insert with unique slits to securely hold your flies in place while not ripping your box to shreds.  We have picked some of our favorite kebari flies to accompany the box giving you a nice Tenkara fly starter kit.



    - Silicone slit insert for maximum grip and minimal wear.

    - Size is 5" x 3 1/4" x ¾" so it has an ultra slim profile and fits comfortably and unobtrusively with your gear.

    - Magnetic closure system.

    - Capable of holding 180 flies, but we have included 24 to get you started.