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  • Tenkara Nymphing Flies - 3 Pack
    • Tenkara Nymphing Flies - 3 Pack

    Tenkara Nymphing Flies - 3 Pack


    Tenkara can be a very useful tool for nymphing.  Many times trout are not feeding at the surface because they are too busy snacking on nymphs.  You can usually use a tenkara fly for these situations but it can also be handy to have a heavier weighted nymph ready to get down deeper.  Remember, you want to choose the lightest nymph that will still drift with the current.  So sometimes in faster water when you want the nymph to get down quickly to reach the trout a weighted bead head nymph is a good option.  

    As Tenkara fishermen, we believe in using the rod as a tool to be as effective as possible.  This means sometimes (definitely not always) using nymphs.  We have selected three of our favorites to include in our Tenkara nymph pack.

    -Brassie Size 16: The beadhead brassie is a fantastic small midge pattern.  It works wonders in Spring and Fall.  This is a good bug to fish when there are present and frequent midge hatches on a particular piece of water but while you are fishing there aren't any bugs out.  

    - Copper John Size 16: The Copper John is a time proven effective nymphing pattern.  When trout aren't eating on the surface and you can't figure out what to do, the Copper Juan is my go to.  It is a generic nymph pattern that fools the fish.  

    - Trout Candy Size 14: Just look at it.  Our olive Trout Candy pattern begs to be eaten.  This is a favorite fly to fish through riffles.  The weight of the nymph will get it down to where the fish are and the soft hackle is extremely enticing to fish.