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Tenkara Fishing Report | The Owyhee River

March 23, 2015

First Day of Spring: Short Sleeves and Dries Flies Bald Eagles soaring, buttery browns lining the edges. We fished the Owyhee rod on the river of the same name.  Early Spring brings bugs and the fish start looking up.  Today we were hoping for hatches of Skwala.  While sporadic, the fish were more keyed in on midges and blue winged olives. The Owyhee River in March requires stealth.  At just 14 CFS the water level is extremely low and slow moving. The fish can feel you and see you much easier, especially now that they are looking up eating dry flies.  Rule #1 don't step in the water unless you have to. We were lucky today and got a few on...

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The Cascade Rod

February 20, 2015

The Cascade Rod was designed after our desire to fish those really small, brushy creeks in the Cascade mountain range.  It is an 8 foot rod and when collapsed is only 16 inches so it fits easily in backpacks.  We have made the Cascade with a faster action for precision casting especially in those hard to reach spots.  It is an incredibly fun rod that can handle fish quite well.  In addition to its small stream applications, it is a great rod for kids because of how lightweight and compact it is.  Here is a little video we made about it.

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The Owyhee Rod

February 08, 2015

The Owyhee Rod is our big fish Tenkara rod.  We created this rod out of a dire need to chase larger trout.  It is the longest, heaviest, and thickest rod we make at 13 feet in length.  The Owyhee is capable of landing large trout in the 20 inches + range.  It is a thick rod but still manages to throw a line with precision and delicacy.

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The Teton Rod

February 02, 2015

The Teton Rod is one of our all around rods.  It can handle larger trout but also remains playful in smaller fishing situations.  We made a little video about the rod last Fall while taking the girls out fishing some of our favorite water in East Idaho.  Enjoy!

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