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May 18, 2016

Can you catch big fish on a Tenkara rod?  Will they withstand the weight and strength of salmon and hard fighting rainbows?  Watch this video to find out!

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CrossBreed Tenkara Line

December 09, 2015

As many of you probably know we have released a new style of line that we call it the Crossbreed. We teamed up with Rio who makes a PVC floating line for us and we make the furled tip section of the line. I just wanted to talk about the line in more detail and some fun things we have learned while using them. The furled line is made from one single strand of thread that is wrapped back and forth 14 times. Next the line is spun a couple different times to make it furl and you end up with a furled line that is very strong, lightweight and supple. Sounds simple but it is actually quite a process....

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Teton River Fishing Report

November 16, 2015

Winter has come upon us quick here at the Tenkara Rod Co Intergalactic Headquarters. We have had a few small snow storms over the last week that has people skinning up the mountain in search of fresh tracks.  I went to check out the Teton River, and fish for a few minutes this morning. The river is a little lower this time of year and the water is cold and clear. Temperature has fluctuated a lot over the past week from highs in the 60's last week to 20 degrees this morning when I got to the river. The drastic change in temperature can sometimes slow fishing this time of year. There was no activity on the surface of the...

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Fall Fishing

October 15, 2015

With the first official day of fall come and gone it is time to start thinking about foul weather fishing. Fishing this time of year is fun because the busy summer is over, weather starts to get a little colder and fish know that winter is coming. Brown Trout start to think dirty thoughts this time of year and it makes for some big fish opportunities. With the change in the weather comes colder water temps and the fish start to feel revived. It seems sometimes the fishing can fall into a late summer slump. Fishing does not seem to be as good as it was earlier in the summer and the fish have seen a few flies float overhead...

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