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  • About Us

    Why We Do What We Do

    We love the outdoors as well as the simplicity and beauty nature has to offer. Fishing gives people a chance to get out and and enjoy this beauty. The complexity and expense of fly fishing can be daunting to someone who just wants to throw a line and catch some fish. Tenkara gives people this opportunity. With a rod, a line, and a fly, you can go to a river, lake, or stream and catch some fish. That's what made us fall in love with Tenkara.

    Driggs Idaho Map 


    We are based out of Driggs, Idaho and are proud of our location and surroundings. Within 1 hour of our headquarters we have some of the world's best trout rivers and streams (but don't tell anybody that). Idaho's geography has inspired this hobby as well as the design and functionality of our rods. You don't have to live somewhere like Driggs to enjoy Tenkara. You just need to be able to find some water to throw your line in!

    Tenkara Rod Co Sierra Rod


    For updates, news, and stories about Tenkara, check out our blog.