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    • 3 Pack Stimulators
    • 3 Pack Stimulators
    • 3 Pack Stimulators

    3 Pack Stimulators


    Getting up into the mountains in Summer time is a beautiful thing.  And we aren't the only ones that get a little more lively in the Summer months, the trout tend to be a little more active as well.  And one of our favorite things in the Summer is throwing big dry flies to eager trout.  These are 3 of our favorite stimulator patterns.  

    We know that fishing dry flies isn't the traditional way for Tenkara fishing.  But there is something about throwing a big bushy visible fly out and watching a feisty trout blast out of the water to devour it.  

    One of Each

    Details: Size 10

    Colors: Purple stimulator, rusty stimulator, white stimulator

    Disclaimer: These are pretty big flies.