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    Tenkara Rod Co. Lifetime Warranty

    Every new Tenkara Rod Co. rod is covered by our lifetime original owner warranty.

    This warranty is active when a rod is purchased through or an Authorized Tenkara Rod Co. dealer.  It is limited to repair and replacement of the rod and/or the damaged individual sections.  The warranty does not cover damages from misuse or accidents.  Our warranty does not cover fire, theft, missing or lost pieces, or intentional breakage.  

    Tenkara Rod Co. reserves the right to determine whether to repair or replace any TRC Product covered by this warranty and the right to replace any discontinued models with comparable models when necessary.  Though we will try to replace rod sections with that same model and color, sometimes we might have to use different colors or components.

    Repair Process Under Warranty

    Getting your rod repaired is a simple process. First you must fill out the REPAIR SERVICE FORM. Once the form is complete, email a copy to Most of the time we can simply send you replacement sections to fix it yourself, getting you back on the water quicker. If the issue requires you to send the rod in for repair, print and include with the rod when you ship it to Tenkara Rod Co 1154 Stocks Ave Rexburg, Idaho 83440.

    Repair Process Not Under Warranty

    If your rod's damage is not covered under our warranty you can purchase replacement sections on our website under replacement parts.

    To order sections other than #1 or #2 you can add the tip section of your rod to the cart. Add a note in the cart section to indicate what section you need.

    Counting Rod Section

    To count rod sections start at the tip and count down, the tip being #1.