Fall Fishing

F A L L  is a great time of year.  The leaves start changing colors, the kids are back in school (and not on the river) and the air and water temps start to drop.  With the prospect of a long Winter ahead of them, fish begin to instinctively stock up on food.  They sense the change in temperature and know that they had better not pass up any chance for good food.  


Tenkara fishing big wood river


As humans we have some of those fish instincts as well.  We sense that soon all the leaves will be gone, and the sun filled days replaced by chilly overcast weather and snow.  We realize that we need to get out and fish as much as possible before the cold sets in.  Its not that we don't fish in the Winter time, because that can prove to be outstanding.  The days are shorter, and so our chances of getting out and fishing become slimmer.  So we invite you to pay mind to your instincts, and #getoutandfish!




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Gary Halterman

Gary Halterman

Where are you located.I am in California.

Where are you located.I am in California.

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