Tacky Fly Box x Tenkara Rod Co.

We have teamed up with an excellent new brand and product in the fly fishing industry called Tacky and their amazing Tacky fly boxes.  What really drew us in about their product is the simplicity and utility of the fly box, just as Tenkara Rod Co. tries to focus on these values.  Apart from that, they too were able to launch a successful KickStarter campaign for their product and that makes us really happy.  



These fly boxes have a silicone insert instead of foam.  With a unique slotting pattern that allows the flies to go in and come out really easily without damaging the box.  Then it is all packaged up in a very slim box with magnetic closures for really great portability and ease of use.  For this collaboration we have added 24 Tenkara flies to the box in some new patterns that we have been using lately.  



This is an exclusive project that is only available through our website and won't last forever.  Its a quick and inexpensive way to get a really nice quality fly box and get a nice selection of flies to use in multiple different situations.  As always we are just hoping to get you out fishing.  There are a few more details about this collab on the product page found HERE.

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Thanks for the article post. Will read on… Suarez

Thanks for the article post. Will read on… Suarez

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