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  • Idaho Road Trip


    We took a trip through some areas of Idaho that we've never fished before. We knew there would be fish, but it was an adventure trying to figure out all these new spots. It's always easy to head over to your favorite fishing spots whenever you have time to fish, but we wanted to explore this summer and see what this great state has to offer. Its crazy how much fun you can have in your backyard if you just look for it!

    A Proper Road Trip

    Summer for us, means road trips... as many as we can possibly fit in!

    Camping, small town stops, cliff jumping, swimming in cold mountain water... and so much more keep us wanting summer to keep on going.

    This year we went all over central to northern Idaho and had a blast. We hope you watch the video, check the photos, and get inspired to make your own road tripping summer memories. 

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    • Brian on

      You guys are doing it right! Keep these great Videos coming! Hard to find quality Tenkara videos but you guys are crushing it! Thanks for Sharing

    • Lars on

      @Michael Twomey A lot of the trip was spent in the mountains between Stanley and Mccall

    • Randall Matson on

      Oh to be young once again.

    • Kurt on

      Great video…. looked like an amazing adventure! … made me want to get out of the office and go Tenkara fishing!!

    • Michael Twomey on

      Love the video, and all the spots you fished, Makes me want to pack up the car (including my Tenkara rods) and hit the road. Any chance you would be able to share at least a part of where you fished?

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