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  • Spring Backpacking

    Spring is my favorite season. The colors, smells, and the increased amount of bug life on the water all give me fish fever real quick. This Spring we’re coming out of one of the best winters we’ve had in year’s which means that runoff is in full effect… and probably will be longer than usual.

    A nice thing about runoff is that every year it gets me looking at the maps to find
    spring creeks and other fishable waters that won’t be as blown out and this has lead
    me to places I’ve never explored.

    I recently made a long drive out to a spring creek that I’ve heard about for years but
    never ventured out to. It was everything I had hoped for with beautiful clear water,
    deep in a canyon lined with trees and high desert vegetation Backpacking in and camping at one of the sites along the river allowed us a good amount of time on the water and plenty of time to take in the scenery of a new place.

    One of my favorite things about fishing is the places it can take you. Even if we
    wouldn’t have caught any fish, it would have been a successful weekend to a new
    place… but we did manage to get some fun little native Cutthroats and a few
    rainbows too.

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