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  • Rod Spotlight: The Sierra Rod

    Last year we released our Sierra rod.  It is our 10 ft. soft action small water rod.  The Sierra has quickly become a favorite for smaller streams and hungry fish.  We designed this rod after a trip to the Eastern Sierras in California.  There are a plentitude of small, brushy streams in the region and our 12 foot rods sometimes were a bit to long and a bit overpowering.   We decided to shorten the length and add some more flex to the rod resulting in an extremely fun rod especially on smaller water.


    Last year I was fishing in Alaska, a place where we typically like a little more strength in our rods for landing those fiesty rainbows.  But I brought along a Sierra just for fun and it turned out to be a blast.  When you have a bigger fish on with this rod it feels like its going to explode, but instead it just handles the fish extremely well.  We don't necessarily recommend the Sierra rod as your all around go to Tenkara rod because we feel that the length can be limiting on larger water.  BUT if you strictly fish smaller water or just want to add a funner small water rod to your quiver we can't recommend it enough!

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