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  • The Owyhee Rod | A bigger rod for bigger fish

    We have been working on this rod for quite a while.  After a lot of testing and tweaking the end product has turned out really nicely.  The Owyhee is a 13 foot rod and we have still kept it pretty stiff.  The first thing you will notice about the rod is that it is heavier than a normal Tenkara rod.  We have added a brass cap to the base of the rod to not only assist with the displacement of casting, but it also helps when playing larger fish.  We recommend this rod to people searching for fish in the 18 inches + range.


    The Owyhee is a mountain range located in Southwest Idaho and Eastern Oregon.  It is a deserted and wild place.  The grass in the Owyhee area stays yellow most of the year and the river of the same name that carves its way through the region has a greenish tint to it, hence the yellow and green colors on the rod.  Have a look at the video below showcasing a little bit what this rod can do on the beautiful Owyhee River.



    Go get some fish!

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