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Teton River Fishing Report

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Winter has come upon us quick here at the Tenkara Rod Co Intergalactic Headquarters. We have had a few small snow storms over the last week that has people skinning up the mountain in search of fresh tracks. 
I went to check out the Teton River, and fish for a few minutes this morning. The river is a little lower this time of year and the water is cold and clear. Temperature has fluctuated a lot over the past week from highs in the 60's last week to 20 degrees this morning when I got to the river. The drastic change in temperature can sometimes slow fishing this time of year. There was no activity on the surface of the water and I could not see any bugs buzzing around. 
The rivers make a big change this time of year. Water temps drop quickly, bug activity slows and big terrestrials like hoppers are frozen. Bugs are still hatching and fish are still eating but you need to catch it at the right time. A great time to fish the Teton and many other rivers during this time is during a change in the weather. A snow storm brings in low pressure and humidity which makes for ideal hatching conditions for Blue Winged Olives (BWO), Midges, and many other small aquatic insects. Fishing right before or after a storm can be very effective. Sometimes the bugs hatching are very small so keep some smaller sizes in the box. Size 18-22 midges like the zebra midge and small dries work well around here and almost anywhere. Swinging soft hackles and tenkara flies can produce fish especially before or during a hatch. 
Fishing was slow this morning, so I think next time I am going to wait for a change in the weather and see if that can produce some more fish. It is always good to get out, even if it is a quick trip down the road to see if anything wants to eat the end of my line. 

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David Engle

David Engle

I love fishing the Teton. I’d love to come back and fish it in the fall (October, probably). Any advice about that time of the year?

I love fishing the Teton. I’d love to come back and fish it in the fall (October, probably). Any advice about that time of the year?

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