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  • Tenkara Jam

    Dear North Carolina,
    You sure are pretty.
    Tenkara Jam

    We recently headed out to the great state of North Carolina to jam out at the 3rd annual Tenkara Jam.  What is the Tenkara Jam?  You can find complete information about it here, but basically, it is a 2 day event where anglers get together to meet each other, listen to presentations, eat BBQ, and most importantly, fish!  
    Tenkara North Carolina

    The Jam is put on by long time Tenkara enthusiast Jason Sparks.  He does it for fun, and he does a hell of a job at putting it all together.  Everything was on point: presentations, food, people, and fishing.
    NC Trout
    We were able to sneak in a few NC sessions and get into some really fun fish in some of the most scenic fall fishing environments we have ever encountered.  If you are on the East Coast we recommend attending the Jam next year.  
    Tenkara Jam North Carolina
    As a side note, please vote for the Tenkara Jam in the Best of the Blue Ridge HERE, it will only the make the show bigger and better!

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    • Jason on

      It sure is pretty here, indeed I’m in Asheville, NC and wondering which rod would be best recommended for our mountain streams around here?

    • Michael Agneta on

      Nice photos. Looks like you fished some sweet water!

    • Jason Sparks on

      It was a true pleasure to meet you both at the Tenkara Jam. Your TRC rods are popular here and I hope your market continues to grow in the Southeast. These Appalachian mountains are perfect for our long rods and I love sharing the message with everyone.

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