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  • Welcome to the Blog!

    The Tenkara Rod Co. blog is not new, but we have done a terrible job keeping it up to date and worthy of peoples attention.  So we have decided to change that.  Starting now you will be seeing 1-2 blog posts a week from us covering a wide variety of topics from the technical stuff like different casting techniques and equipment overviews (what to use when and where), to the fun stuff like actual fishing journals, videos, and multisport adventures.  

    Tenkara fishing waterfall

    Here at Tenkara Rod Co. we like to fish a lot.  It isn't just what we do for a living but its what we live for.  So we really just want to share as much knowledge and stoke with you as possible.

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    • Jim Elder on

      I live on the west coast of Florida and saltwater wade fish from spring to fall(once the water gets above 80 I can’t stand cold water). I just started Tenkara fishing with a poor man’s setup, 10’ telescoping bream buster pole and #8 floating flyline Ihad left over. Since it did not seem that there was much about Tenkara fishing in saltwater, I decided to try it, figured the worst that could happen was it would give me some good practice at casting a fly with one and give me some feel for if it is something I want to invest in. Went out this morning and using a bait fish pattern I tied, to my surprise I caught 8 spotted sea trout and it was a blast. 2 were in the slot so I kept them Two were over 20" so I had to release them and the other 4 were under 15" so I had to release them too. Now I am very sure that it would have been more fun if I had been using a real Tenkara rod as my arm is a little tired and a bream buster is a little soft to lift a sinking fly out of the water easily. It is the most fun I have had in ages. It has me stoked about picking up a real Tenkara rod, any recommendations on which one would be best in saltwater? If the weather holds I may take it out tonight and do some surf fishing for snook along the beaches.

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