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  • Soft Hackle Killer Bug - 3 Pack
    • Soft Hackle Killer Bug - 3 Pack

    Soft Hackle Killer Bug - 3 Pack


    The Killer bug is a classic and favorite go to Tenkara style fly. The extra hackle on the collar gives it even more life and fish love it.


    - 3 pack of Soft Hackle Killer bugs

    When to fish it:  This is a great bug to fish when there is little to no activity on top of the water but fish seem to be feeding underneath the surface.  It is also a great bug to use when nymphing.    

    How to fish it:  The Soft hackle killer bug can be fished as a nymph.  When doing so, make sure you have your line tight in order to feel the take.  It can also be dead drifted or twitched as a wet fly.  What makes this particular pattern so deadly is its versatility.  By twitching or pulsing the fly it will give it a little life and fish go nuts for it.  It also seems particularly potent when swinging it through a run of feeding fish.

    Fishing Story: Not long ago we were on a gravel bar of a big river and there were lots of feeding fish on the surface.  We were able to identify many different bugs that the fish were eating.  After trying my luck with several different flies I noticed that a few of the fish were really keyed into a pink mayfly.  They weren't taking my pattern for whatever reason so I decided to throw on the soft hackle killer bug.  I swung it through the end of the run and on the first cast a nice cutthroat devoured it.  Sometimes even though a trout has a particular fly in mind they can't resist certain presentations.