Tuna's Loaded Fly Box 24 Pack

Tuna's Loaded Fly Box 24 Pack

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Looking for a wide assortment of dries and nymphs that will get you through most situations?  Tuna put together this 24 pack of his favorite flies. There are also still lots of slots left for you to fill with your own favorite flies.

All of the flies are included in one of our slim fly boxes.

Here is whats included in the box:

Yellow Sally, size 14

Skwala, size 12

Purple Haze, size 16

Royal PMX, red, size 12

Morrish Hopper, size 12

Midge High vis, size 20

Green Drake, size 10

Fat Albert, size 8

Crystal Stimulator rubber legs, size 12

Caddis variant, size 14

Peacock Bugmeister, size 10

Blue Wing Olive (BWO) size 16

Alma Midge, size 18

Beadhead Pink Squirrel, size 14

Beadhead curved midge, size 18

Curved Flashback Prince, size 12

Flashback Beadhead Hare's ear, size 16

Deep Purple Tungsten, size 16

Beadhead Copper John green, size 16

Crystal Caddis Beadhead Cream, size 16

CDC Tickler, size 14

Beadhead Bubble Back Emerger, size 16

Blackhead Tungsten, size 14

Barr's Emerger PMD beadhead, size 16