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First Day of Spring: Short Sleeves and Dries Flies

Bald Eagles soaring, buttery browns lining the edges.

We fished the Owyhee rod on the river of the same name.  Early Spring brings bugs and the fish start looking up.  Today we were hoping for hatches of Skwala.  While sporadic, the fish were more keyed in on midges and blue winged olives.

The Owyhee River in March requires stealth.  At just 14 CFS the water level is extremely low and slow moving. The fish can feel you and see you much easier, especially now that they are looking up eating dry flies.  Rule #1 don't step in the water unless you have to.

We were lucky today and got a few on the Skwala, even though they were almost non existent.  The tiny midges also worked and spinner BWO.  There are a few holes on the Owyhee that almost always produce when nymphing, one such hole we call the Turley Hole, and yielded a fatter brown on the Utah killer bug.

It was a fun day of fishing.  70 degrees out, throwing dry flies to visible big browns on a Tenkara rod, missing sets on slow eaters, and netting a few skinny butter sticks.  Even the fish were smiling.  What an excellent way to welcome in Spring.  I can't wait for the bugs to continue hatching and the fish to continue eating.


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