Interview with @meggalegga

Name: Meg / Megan / @meggalegga

Location: Home, Washington / My VW Vanagon, somewhere in the PNW wilderness

Day Job: Graphic Designer

Weekend Job: Adventurer, backroad hunter, lake hopper, master mapper, photo documentarian

When was your first fishing experience? As the daughter of a fly fisherman, I've been fishing for as long as I can remember. My earliest fishing memory is one of a yearly family trip to fish for salmon in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It was cold and blue, and everything but our classic bright orange life preservers and the blood of the fish just washed together. We stayed out for hours until the waves were taller than I could have ever dreamed of. My older brother and I both started to feel seasick so we renamed the waters the Strait of iWanna Puke-a. 

Tell me about an outdoor adventure that changed you? About four years ago I road tripped down to the Redwoods with my boyfriend and sister. Being a Washingtonian, I've always loved the rain; but when it came to camping, I guess I was a bit of a fair weather fan. Camping in the rain seemed ridiculous. And then I found myself over 500 miles from home, tent camping with two of my favorite people when it started to pour. It was probably the soggiest, silliest night of my life... And from that day on I knew water would never scare me away again.

​ ​Nowadays you'll find me jumping in freezing lakes, bathing in wild rivers and wading through fishy creeks (even when it rains!). 

 How do you find time to get outside? Simply put, I make it a priority. My boyfriend and I live well within our means in a tiny cabin with little expenses. We take care of errands and housey things on weekdays, and when the weekend rolls around we hit the road. Sometimes that means neglecting our laundry pile or skipping a social engagement, but adventure/the memories we make are totally worth it.

Can you give us three tips for packing a hiking, camping or fishing bag? Less is so much more. If you only bring a few things you will only use a few things. Don't forget your fishing license!

What do you never leave home without when you’re headed to enjoy the outdoors? A camera, my wool safari hat, a map, my Tenkara rod, coffee and a book about edible plants. 

Go to fishing, camping, hiking attire? Currently: a hat, patched up jeans or leggings, a baggy tee shirt, bracelets and rings galore, a Feral watch, whatever fancy jacket the weather calls for and some Tevas (socks and sandals club!). I'm on the hunt for some new boots for winter... Everything else will probably remain the same!

Favorite place to take your Tenkara rod? I am a big fan of lakes, so any small alpine lake is perfect Tenkara territory for me! I do have one particular favorite that I am sworn to secrecy about... all I can tell you is that it's just east of Mount Rainier National Park. But aren't they all worth exploring? 

Favorite fly? Last summer I went to visit my dad for a little fly-tying lesson, and as I was digging through his mass amounts of tying supplies I stumbled upon two very colorful flies that only a child could have tied. One was made with a neon orange body and a yellow/white hackle, the other a slim silver sparkle body with hot pink tail. When I asked him about them he told me of all the time we spent tying flies together when I was young. Those two flies will forever be my favorites!

​ ​When it comes to fishing, Tenkara Rod Co.'s Boone is a fun one!

 Favorite season? Definitely fall! For many reasons... the temperature drops, the fog and rain returns, leaves change, mosquitoes hide and people disappear. I love the smell of wet trees and the calm that comes with uncrowded woods.

Three favorite foods / snacks for hiking or camping? Burritos for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Pre-made pasta salad. Bagel and lox.

As an avid angler, any tips for the novice about fly fishing in general? 
The best tip I could give a novice would be to just get out there! Tenkara Rod Co. really says it best with one of the greatest hashtags: #getoutandfish. You're not going to catch something every time, but there more you get out there, the more you will catch and the better you'll get at fly fishing... so just do it! The river is calling.
Any tips about using a Tenkara rod? 
Watch a few videos on casting and then play with it and see what works best for you. It's fun to manipulate the shorter line in different ways... I love to use a sidearm cast, a lob cast, and this crazy baton-dancer swirling motion that I discovered in an attempt to avoid trees (it works!). Just remember that it's all about natural presentation of the fly.

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