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  • Introducing the Mini Teton and Mini Sawtooth

    The Mini Teton and Mini Sawtooth


    A lot of designing, prototyping, testing, remaking, reworking, and fish catching has gone into these new rods.  We love how Tenkara is already a lightweight and compact way to fly fish, but we wanted to take it a step further.  At just under 10 inches these rods are half the size of a normal Tenkara rod.  And weighing only 1.1 ounces the Mini Sawtooth is 3 times lighter.  But the amazing thing about these rods are they are still able to catch fish!  The Mini Sawtooth has 15 sections and the Mini Teton is comprised of 20.  They extend out to 9 feet (Mini Sawtooth) and 12 feet (Mini Teton).  They fit in a pocket, backpack, jacket, car, etc. so you can always have a rod with you.  

    What makes these rods incredible though is their ability to be precise and offer delicate presentations with an insane amount of feel.  You can literally feel your nymph bouncing along the river bed, and even when a little 6 inch trout hits your fly you are able to detect the strike.  When casting the line, the flexibility and thin makeup of the rod really loads the line and offers a really unique casting experience.  While we don't recommend these rods for chasing pigs, they do great with your typical mountain stream conditions and are a great take anywhere rod.


    You can learn more about these new rods on our KickStarter project page:


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    • Richardrdeaver on

      Looks like a lot of fun always with you!

    • paul on

      Awesome rod but overall awesome jacket !
      What is it ?

    • Wookie on

      Need one for archery season next year! Then mountain biking, skating the bike path, dog walks etceterahhhhhh!!!

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