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  • Sight Fishing to Brown Trout | Tenkara

    One of the beauties of fishing with a Tenkara rod is it allows you to have perfect presentation, because you don't need to have any line on the water, only tippet and a fly.  Now this isn't always the case or how you always want to fish, but in a sight fishing scenario this is key.  As long as you sneak up on a fish and don't spook him, you can place a fly right in front of them and they won't detect any sign of line.  This is one of the funnest ways to fish because you can see every movement of the fish: the fly lands, the fish spots it, he positions himself to gulp the fly, he surfaces and strikes, you set the hook, play the fish, land him, and let him go.  It doesn't get any better!  Here is a quick little edit we put together from a couple of weeks ago that demonstrates how fun this is.

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