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  • Spring time fishing with Barry White

    The weather around here has been typical east Idaho spring like conditions, sunny and 50 degrees one day and three inches of snow the next. Yesterday was 41 degrees and no wind so it turned out to be a pretty nice day to get out for a couple hours and fish. Runoff has not really started around here yet. The bigger rivers are starting to get off color and a little higher but there are still some good options for some spring time fishing.

    The small creek I fished yesterday is higher than normal and slightly off color which is exactly what I was looking for. The fish have woken up from the lethargic deep freeze they were in all winter and are actively eating. The higher water brings all kinds of food with it and the fish take advantage and become opportunistic feeders. It’s hard to wait until runoff is over and the water is ready to fish again. Runoff lasts a long time around here and it will probably be late June until runoff has settled down enough to fish. This small window of fishing before the water really starts rolling out of the mountains is a fun time to fish.

    My Wife and I got into a nice midge hatch right when we reached the creek, there was a few fish up eating and it was fun to have some dry fly action. In this particular spot the fish love eating streamers and they eat recklessly. It is mostly Cutty’s and Rainbows in this area and they all have a Barry White song playing in their heads this time of year as they are getting ready for the spawn. The fish are not spawning here yet, in fact they have not even made their redds but they will soon start. I like to leave them alone to do their thing when that time comes so it is nice to get out now before love is in the water!

    We did not have much time to fish, but it was a nice day and we saw some action on the end of the line. As long as the weather keeps switching back and forth from winter to spring then the runoff should hold and fishing will continue to get better. Eventually warm skies are going to show up and the mountains are going to start puking muddy water into the creeks until it looks like the Colorado River during a flash flood. Until then we will be taking advantage of this short window of fishing.


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    • Chris on

      Just received my new rod yesterday, been a long time since I was that stoked after opening a box. Awesome initial impression. I will be traveling through your area in about 2 weeks, should I be able to find a spot then as long as it doesnt warm up too much?

    • Francois on

      I can feel the groove, this makes me want to go out and fish, right here, right now! And the colors of that fish….!!! #tunatunatunatuna

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